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YouTube Proxies

YouTube Proxies

Surfing anonymously online has become a lot more vital to the security of computers then ever before. Social media networks like MySpace, Youtube and Facebook are filled with millions of visitors each and everyday and there are lots of intrusive people on those websites due to the huge amounts of traffic. If you don't use a proxy to remain anonymous while surfing then intruders will have access to all of your computers information and then can access it if they choose to. To prevent this, there are encrypted servers which you can access on the internet and allow you to surf the most popular social networks without giving away your details.

All the popular sites have proxies designed specifically for the site and allow the actual site doesn't approve of this it still is a safety measure many people will take when using the sites. MySpace, Facebook and Youtube all are amongst the most popular sites on the internet right now and there are tons of proxies on the internet allowing you to view these sites anonymously.

You can also use proxies to view these sites in case you've been banned from them on your computers IP address. Lots of people are falsely banned on these social sites because the traffic on them is huge and it's hard to keep tabs on whose being banned. If you get banned then you'll still be able to access the website by using a proxy such as a Youtube proxy, which will keep your computers IP hidden and anonymous. Make sure that you use the websites properly still but if you enjoy surfing these sites without worrying about your computers security then surfing anonymously is an excellent alternative.

An IP Address is known as the Internet Protocol Address to allow a computer to communicate with another through the internet while the locations of various users can be tracked and differentiated on the basis of IP addresses. It is possible to get to know what address a blog or website got the comment from and how various IP's are blocked when it comes to tackling with spamming.

Ever wondered why a vote on a certain website cannot be given again? This is because your IP is tracked once you have clicked for that vote, it cannot be given again. It is a set of procedures to be observed or rules that define the user's internet activity and enables tasks on the web, it therefore, facilitates a two way communication by identifying connecting/initiating devices and other internet destinations. Moreover, IPs are located through the log files on servers which are then able to track the trail of users' internet activity. Even though it is not completely possible to hide it, there are ways which makes hiding possible:

Anonymous Proxy Servers

They act as a connecting point between the home PC and the internet and use their own IP on behalf of the user while making requests for information on the internet. The computer is then able to have an indirect access to websites through that proxy server, whose IP isn't that of the user. Proxies that can be identified through TCP numbers and the URL require a browser configuration so that they are hidden.

Some of such proxies face slow connection and credibility issues and are easily accessible but can also vanish away from the internet ruling the use out as a temporary purpose.

Other Tools

There are freemiums and paid versions available for the use for anonymizing proxies through which they can be switched between regular time intervals depending on the support provided by the browser. For instance, Firefox's extension, 'Switch Proxy' eases out such an option.

Eventually, internet privacy is enhanced while at the same time cookies can be managed as well by establishing a firewall to help protect the user.

Web Based Proxy Server

is actually a website which lets the user type in the URL of the desired website and is helpful in accessing those websites that are banned in various places such as social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others banned in work places and educational institutes. The proxy server is not identified thereby not disclosing the IP Address.

Distorting Proxy

It gets itself identified as a proxy server while creating a wrong IP Address through HTTP servers and hiding it completely.

Virtual Private Network being the Safest and accurate Option

VPN is an accurate and reliable option for hiding an IP Address. All data transmitted and websites accessed are communicated through a secure VPN network traffic process called tunneling which uses the VPN's IP Address. Thus, the user cannot be tracked through data shared on the network and the best part is that operating system and browser configurations don't have to be changed either.

Having a steady flow of views will get more people curious about your video and encourage them to check and see for themselves what the video is all about. To oversimplify it, the more views your video registers, the more that it will attract huge numbers of viewers; moving your video to the top of the lists and in a higher position and therefore increase your chances of getting found when people start searching for similar or related videos.

There are lots of ways to get more views on YouTube. Using proxy sites, bots or automation that creates a fake traffic to increase views has been widely used for quite some time. The one enormous negative effect of this technique is the risk of getting discovered and having your account banned from the YouTube site.

So, in order to get that jump start for your videos yet avoid the immense risk of fake traffic that some proxy sites provide, the best thing you can do is to seek the services of a company aimed at helping clients get more views on YouTube for their content. These days, internet sites and companies are offering their promotion services to advertise your videos and help it reach the top of the list.

These companies make use of a wide range of professional promotion services with the guarantee of being 100% free from any bots or automation software that can get you banned from YouTube. For a fair and reasonable amount, these companies can provide you a completely authentic Internet promotion and absolutely ensure that you get more views on YouTube.

These internet sites and companies not only provide your videos with the views you need but also with the ratings and comments that will boost your video's success. All these for a small price.

For people who are just looking for a place to express themselves, buying views might sound a little bit ridiculous; but for those who are in the business world and are using these videos to augment their sales, seeking the help of these companies to get more views on YouTube is a strategic move towards making a profit that is definitely more than what you pay for.

By getting your videos promoted and rated, you are making sure that your videos are not left behind at the bottom of the list or lost inside the YouTube world along with millions of unwatched and unappreciated videos. This is one investment that will surely pay off once you get more views on YouTube; achieve the popularity you need and the satisfaction you want.

Remember, you just don't want to upload your video on YouTube as some form of mindless diversion. YouTube is a great place to market your business and it is to your great advantage to expand your online presence through your video contents; which you can only accomplish when you get more views on YouTube.

Proxy Server

A server is defined as a computer program that services requests to other programs on the same computer or for other computers in the network and their users. The Internet is based on the server model, and there are a number of servers connected to the Internet, directing the traffic of the users. Internet servers provide access to the World Wide Web, allow online chats, stream audio/video files and enable online gaming, among many other services. A proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between an Internet user and the Internet.

When a user requests a file download, or a web page, the proxy server provides this service by connecting to the server that can fulfill this request and makes the request on behalf of the user. A proxy server that transfers the information without modifying it is called a 'gateway.' Let's look at some of the types of proxy servers and functions that can be performed them:

o Caching server: A caching server makes copies of all the information that has passed through it frequently. If another request is made for the same information, it can be retrieved from the server itself and there is no need to contact a remote server that may have been the source of the information. This is very useful function in large organizations, as it speeds the process of service by creating a database of frequently used resources.

o Content Filtering server: A content filtering server can be set up to prevent access to certain URLs. This is done in large organizations to exercise security and control over the company's resources. It may also be used in schools, libraries, etc. to prevent access to unacceptable websites.

o Firewall server: A firewall server acts as a measure of security from external intrusion into a company's server.

o Anonymizing proxy server: This server provides anonymity to the user as he is surfing the net since the request for URLs come from the IP address of the server and not the user.

o Intercepting proxy server: Not all uses of a proxy server are to our advantage. People with criminal intent can intercept all information passed on to the user.

o Reverse proxy server: A reverse proxy server is set up in conjunction with a number of other proxy servers. It serves as an intermediary between the servers and the internet. The purposes of installing a reverse proxy server include increased security, ability to encrypt data and to manage the load on all the servers in the network.

YouTube Proxies