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United States Proxies - U.S. Proxies

United States Proxies - U.S. Proxies

A proxy site is a web page that will allow you to access websites unhindered by restrictions and content filters. These sites enable you to bypass your own Internet Service Provider and browse through the proxy web site. Just type the web site address you would like to visit in the form they provide, and start browsing.

They not only allow you visit blocked sites; they also allow you to have online privacy. The website that you visit can detect your IP address and then use it to find more information about you. Free web-based proxy sites enable you to hide your IP address by acting as an intermediary between your computer and websites. When you use one of this, the websites you visit will see a different IP address that can't be used to track you.

These sites are one of three proxy tools. The other two are Desktop Software which requires downloading and installation; and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services which also require installation. Proxy sites are the easiest to use of the three, as no set up is required. The drawback however is that most of these sites have traffic limits and are easily blocked. Because proxy sites are so easily blocked there is a constant need for new ones. As such there are numerous websites from which users can source and keep up to date on active free proxy sites.

Proxy lists are the easiest way to keep track of free proxy sites. However be careful in getting the right list as there are some proxy lists that do not have legitimate, updated and fresh lists. A genuine proxy list contains a list of proxies that are new and have constantly been maintained and updated for its users.

The best way to find a legitimate proxy list is to check on the credibility and do random checks of the proxies in the list. It is therefore wise to bookmark a proxy list and check it regularly for updates on your favorite proxies. This also makes them easily available when the need to use them arises.

The search for new proxies is always on but to be honest they are not that hard to find. Everyday thousands of new servers join the internet technology cloud and plenty of them are mis-configured proxy servers just waiting to be abused. Proxy servers have lots of uses some people use them to protect their anonymity - although this is partly true they only block your IP address from the server you are visiting (and even then only if you use a correctly configured anonymous proxy). I sometimes wonder why people bother though as for a start all your web browsing is in the clear and sits for a start on your ISP logs which are kept for years in many cases!

Other people use proxy servers to bypass firewalls or restricted sites from schools or workplaces. The idea is if you use an anonymous proxy server you can bypass your local proxy server which may have restrictions on your favourite sites. This can work in some situations where the correct port is open on a local firewall (but if that port is only open to your local proxy you'd had it).

Proxy servers are also successfully used on the internet to bypass country restrictions such as American users being blocked from online gambling sites. These blocks are based on your IP address so if you surf to them using a proxy server from another country then you'll be able to log in. I use a US proxy server to access certain music sites in the USA for instance which are normally blocked to non-US residents.

There are so many uses to proxy servers that the internet would be worse place without them , well perhaps not. Remember if you are using a proxy server say to keep your anonymity when you search, firstly you're probably pinching the bandwidth of some poor sucker who failed to set up Squid correctly. There is another possibility that you are using one of the many new proxy servers run by identity thieves and hackers who set them up to steal the details of people using them to surf by.

The anonymous benefits of a standard proxy server are simply not worth the risk from directing all your personal details via a single server. You are instantly moving yourself in to a high risk category for identity theft unless you are very sure it is a legitimate proxy server. Frankly there are not many of those about - there are many web based proxies which can be used but they are often very slow and fail to parse many web sites correctly.

If you want to use a high speed network of highly anonymous proxies and utilise a program that encrypts your entire communication stream using a virtually unbreakable cypher used by the military then check out the web page below. Even if you don't be extremely careful of using constantly searching for so called anonymous new proxies their name can be more misleading than you could possibly imagine.

Suffix proxies are used scantily compared to other proxies. Rather than use PHP to digest the page and spit it back out, it uses the DNS wildcard. DNS is a domain name system which changes complex addresses to various domains.

For instance, let's say the suffix proxy is situated at rtg.com and you want to view example.com through it. For this, you could visit rtg.com, wherein it displays the site on browser. Suffix proxies permit the user to access the content in web by including the name of proxy server to the requested content URL. Compared to regular proxy servers, suffix proxy servers are easier to use.

This concept first came in the form of IPV gate in 2003 and in the form of Coral distribution network in 2004. However, it took four years for the term suffix proxy to get included.


These types of proxies stand as intermediaries for internet users who seek resources from various online sources. Suffix servers work as follows:-

Online users (technically known as clients) connect to the server seeking services available from various servers. The proxy server, on receiving the request, performs evaluation - through traffic filtration, but by using the IP address.

In case the request is granted, the proxy server offers resources by soliciting service on client's behalf or by connecting to the relevant server.

Purpose of Suffix Proxies

A suffix proxy server offers or does two functions. Firstly, it uses caching to speed up access to the resource. Secondly, it retains the machine anonymously - basically for security purposes.

Suffix proxies retrieve content saved from former requests made by the same client, thereby conducting the acceleration of service requests. Suffix proxies also help reduce the cost of hardware installations.

Suffix proxies are especially helpful for new network systems and those for whom security plays a vital role.

What is the difference between a free proxy and a paid IP hiding software? Well, if you want to know more of these two ways of protecting your online life then you reading the right article. In this day and age being extra careful with your privacy is never a bad thing. In fact it is a must to ensure your personal information such as credit card number, social security number and passwords are not accessible to anyone. The internet is a huge phenomenon which makes it prone to many hackers and scammers who are just waiting for the next victim where they can steal their identity and other personal information.

Like many internet users many people prefer to have a free proxy. But like most free anonymous proxy it is not consistent and secure. This free proxy does not guarantee a complete security and these kind of websites needs constant monitoring. Hiding your IP address through this process will sometimes put all your information at risk for these websites only exist just to get their clients identities and personal information. These website usually promises what they can't afford and just want to lure people to their services.

Others scammers will pose as an online agent and will taking advantage the user's frustration just make them reveal their personal information. This is the reason why most users are advised to check the website first before entering their information for these facts can be used to decipher their passwords. So the next time someone offers you a free proxy service make sure to think it over before grabbing the opportunity. These free services does not last long and will surely to get something out of you before you even know it.

The paid IP changing software on the other hand offers a complete privacy and security. This specialized software eliminates all known problems of free proxies. With paid IP changing software you can freely surf the net and use your credit card for online shopping without worrying about your privacy. Safer and more popular than free proxies, hiding your IP address with the use of this software will surely make you feel at ease and comfortable while using the net. Most people think that getting one will cost a lot of money, but this is just a misconception. There are many IP changing software available at the net that suits your budget. So get one now and protect yourself from online scams.

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