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Where are my proxies or Why is my proxy list empty?
All of the relevant info about your proxies is in the first email you receive upon signing up, including the fact that it "could possibly" take up to 12 hours for your first purchase with us for approval. That only happens if I'm on my deathbed or have somehow managed to sleep for 14 hours. I do sleep sometimes though and that's the only time it may ever take about 8 hours.

After your first approval all new subscriptions are automated. It's just an extra bit of fraud protection we've had to put in place so I can manually check some fraud lists before approving the purchase.

Thanks for shopping with us and good luck!

How do I Upgrade or Enlarge my subscription?
When we first started setting up our own shopping system we had a looong look at Paypal's backend system and there was just no way to do upgrades from one size pack to another on monthly subscriptions I'm afraid. The only way is to try and strike a balance and grab the larger size proxy pack sometime before your next subscription and then cancel your existing subscription, which of course won't shut down until your paid for month is up.

Sorry, and thanks!

Why are the proxies asking for a password?
Our proxies will ONLY work by using your own IP that you are connecting from as its authentication and we never allow username/password authentication either. Please see the instructions and video at VIP User Control Panel Explained for more information.

So if you're getting a password request, it usually means that...

1. You haven't added your IP to the "allow list" and then hit the Save and Update button, or...

2. You have purchased more than one subscription, or still have an old dead one in your control panel, and haven't noticed that each "configuration" is separate from other ones and has it's own set of Allowed IPs. This is done deliberately as some clients purchase extra proxy sets for their outworkers and need to be able to give the new sets to those workers and not give access to their entire proxy list, or...

3. If your proxies suddenly appear to stop working it is usually because your home or server IP has changed, so simply log back in and check your ip and change it if required.

4. Your ISP (or even entire countries in some instances) may have what is known as a "transparent proxy or cache" in place for all users internet usage. What this does is cause all requests to be routed through their own IP and not your own. This usually means you have to go to a site such as WhatsMyIP and try and find out what your real IP is as our system in rare cases isn't able to find out exactly what that IP is. This doesn't always work and so far two of those instances are some ISP's in Singapore and some wireless IPs in Wales. If that is the case for you please contact us quickly and we will organise a refund.

Why are my proxies slow?
Our servers are U.S. based, in California, but sometimes clients feel that our proxies are slow due to a lack of understanding how proxies actually work. Our proxies are served from fast high end quad core Intel servers on gigabit network cards so our potential bandwidth throughput is pretty high.

Some things to know...

1. As a general rule Proxies by their very nature will never be as fast as your own direct connection is. Proxies work by you connecting to them, then they connect to your destination url and pass along the info of whatever you're doing. Then the proxy servers gets the response back from the destination url which then gets passed back along to you. So instead of it being a simple 2 pass system like you connecting directly to the site, it then becomes a 4 legged connection.

All of the lag time of every leg of the journey is then all added together. So if you're in Ireland and it's a 75ms (75 millisecond) trip to our proxy server in the U.S. and you are connecting through the proxies to another site in England that we have a 90ms ping time to because of international routing, then it can take 310ms plus a few milliseconds both ways proxy response time. This is usually the main factor that causes socalled "slow proxies".

2. Another issue is sometimes the number of connections you use with a multithreaded bot. Believe it or not if you're on a slow connection you'll quite often get less speed from using a massive number of connections than you will from a lower number of threads. On slower connections you can easily oversaturate either your bandwidth or even the number of allowed threads on your own computer systems. If this happens to you please experiment with a reduced number of threads in your software and see if your timeouts don't slow down or stop.

Why can't I use a Credit Card to pay for my proxies?
Our system is higly automated using a system we designed and built ourselves to make use of Paypal for its ability to handle monthly subscriptions. You can only use a credit card for Buy Now purchases and ours is a monthly subscription which requires a verified Paypal account.

How do I cancel my proxy subscription?
All you need to do is login to your own Paypal account and look for the subscription to Wholesale1000 (ipfreelyproxies@gmail.com) to cancel. Your proxies will continue until the end of your paid up month and not before.

Why have some (or all) of my proxies changed?
Inside the members control panel area is a News section, the first thing that you see when you login, and all News affecting our customers is posted here. Sometimes we have to change out our proxies, either forced by upstream providers needs or by our clients needs for newer and fresher proxies and when possible (except in emergency cases) we post the News on the News wall to let everyone know what is going on.

If your proxies have been affected in this way and you have a new list an automated email is ALWAYS sent out detailing your new proxy list, so please add our email addresses to your email providers whitelist, and always check for new News each time you login to your control panel area.