Happy New Year 2013!

Buy Now United States U.S. Proxies from IpFreelyProxies.net

WE ARE VERY SORRY But the 2-IP Pack is no longer available for purchase. This smallest pack was only ever meant to be for personal use such as personal web browsing and so on, or for testing purposes with a view of purchasing a larger pack for business needs, and NOT for commercial amounts of usage which is what has prompted us to remove it at this point. This does not apply to everyone but there have been some people, as always, who have been abusing our generosity so as of now it is no longer available for sale.

The smallest pack now available is the 10-IP Pack for $23.50 a month which we feel is a very reasonable price for fully elite high anonymous proxies.

* Payments are only accepted through Paypal using the ORDER NOW buttons here in the prices table. This is a monthly subscription for proxies and is absolutely Non-Refundable under any circumstances because once the proxies have been assigned and used there is a chance that they will no longer be usable. Under Paypals own rules this is considered an intangible service their policy is also to not refund.

For FULL setup instructions of your proxies please go HERE TO THIS PAGE so you know exactly what to expect once you have purchased your super fast anonymous elite private proxies.