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Your VIP User Control Area Explained at IpFreelyProxies.net

Your login information, for managing your proxies, will be sent to your Paypal listed email address ONLY. PLEASE change this in your Paypal account if it's one that you no longer control as this is also one of our fraud protection methods. It's quite easy to do as Paypal allows you to have several email addresses and you can change which one is set as default. Once subscribed your proxies will be started within 5 minutes and you will receive another email showing your login details once again but this time with a list of your proxies that have been assigned... see Note below

IpFreelyProxies VIP Control Panel Explained

PLEASE TAKE CAREFUL NOTE! Inside the vip area you have to add the ip of the computer or server you are posting or webmailing from and then save and update or the proxies will not work. This includes the ip(s) of any webservers that you have scripts running on that need to use your proxies as well. Find your IP by clicking HERE.

Your proxies may be rotated monthly by yourself if needed or wanted. Every month after you have paid your renewal subscription a "Randomize my Proxies" button appears in the Subscriptions Tab in your VIP control panel that will randomize your proxies once pushed and requires no further action on yours or our part. As explained on our front page we do NOT force this change as some clients prefer to keep the same proxies month after month.

Please make sure you keep your login info in case your IP changes that you are posting from! You will have to log back into the VIP area to add your new home, server or outsource workers IP if this happens.

IpFreelyProxies are what is known as iplocked, meaning that only YOU on your current IP can use them (no one else in the world can have the same ip as you at the same time), so there is no username/password required in any app you might use them in. However if your application requires one you can use any fake info you wish to use e.g anyfakenameatall:anyfakepass@ (or whatever format the app requires) and they will still work fine as the proxies will ignore that and use your supplied IP as their authentication.


1. Once inside the members VIP area of IPfreelyProxies you will be inside your Setup Access area...

2. Then you simply click the "Autodetect My Address" with your current IP that is showing at the top of the page, or

3. If you have a server or outsource worker to add click the "Add New Address" and add any external servers you might be using these proxies on including the IP for any outsource workers, then

4. Click the Save and Update button which will add your IP to your personal proxy daemon and restart them for you and they are then ready to go IMMEDIATELY. If you DO NOT click the "Save and Update" button you won't be able to use your proxies, so please don't forget!

5. Then you just need to click the "Your Proxy List" button and you will get a page with a list of your proxies and the port they're available to you on and you can also click the "download this list as a text file" link to get a text file with your IPs and port number as a download and then you just need to load them into your application to start using them.

6. At the bottom of the Setup Access page is a custom News section to let YOU know of any problems, or across every clients accounts if there is, god forbid, a total system outage.

7. If your proxies suddenly appear to stop working it is usually because your home or server IP has changed, so simply log back in and check your ip and change it if required.