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Buy Now United States U.S. Proxies from IpFreelyProxies.net
Buy Now United States U.S. Proxies from IpFreelyProxies.net

PACKAGE NAME* 10-IP Pack 20-IP Pack 50-IP Pack 100-IP Pack 200-IP Pack 253-IP Pack 400-IP Pack
Number of Proxies 10 20 50 100 200 253 400
Multiple IP Subnets
Daily WebMailing Limits (1) 100 200 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,500
Monthly Price $AUD $23.00 $42.00 $100.00 $180.00 $335.00 $410.00 $625.00
Price Per Proxy/Month $AUD $2.30 $2.10 $2.00 $1.80 $1.68 $1.62 $1.56

We have designed and developed our own world class Client and IP Management system software to make our proxies the easiest to setup in the world, bar none!
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Inside your own VIP area control panel you can add or subtract your own IP's to the list for exclusive access to your own set of proxies; so if you have an outsource worker or employee you can add their IPs temporarily to allow them access to your Proxy sets.

(1) Daily Mailing Limits We allow you to webmail via Yahoo, Gmail, AOL and Hotmail using programs such as MailerKing or YMG however we do impose daily sending limits depending on how many proxies you have to ensure long life and good ip reputation. Proxies are auto-disabled for the day after exceeding these limits and auto-active again at 12:01am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). SMTP PORT 25 IS BLOCKED. You may contact us privately and we can setup your own server with however many cblocks you require for more extensive webmailing requirements, but that will be negotiated as a special package only.

Authentication Proxies will be locked to the IP you provide inside your own secure access area on our web server, and you are allowed (up to) 5 IPs per order. The allowed IPs starts at 2 IPs for the 10 IP Pack and goes up to 5 from the 200 IP Packs. You will be given access to a VIP Customer area where you can view your proxies and add/remove/modify your authorized IPs 24/7 without having to wait for us to make the changes for you.

* NOT REFUNDABLE. Payments are only accepted through Paypal using the ORDER NOW buttons here in the prices table. This is a monthly subscription for proxies and is absolutely Non-Refundable under any circumstances because once the proxies have been assigned and used there is a chance that they will no longer be usable. Under Paypals own rules this is considered an intangible service AND their NORMAL policy is also NOT to refund.

For FULL setup instructions of your proxies please go HERE TO THIS PAGE so you know exactly what to expect once you have purchased your super fast anonymous elite private proxies.