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Fast Proxies

Fast Proxies

For those in pursuit of protecting our privacy on the internet then the search for a fast free proxy to surf using seems like some sort of holy grail of privacy. Unfortunately it isn't, in fact at it's worst it could be completely the opposite and the equivalent of handing over your data on a silver platter. I hate being spied on, hackers and identity thieves try and intercept our data to steal from us and governments and organisations tell us where we can surf and what we can say online. Free speech and liberty is not something that should be sacrificed for the majority for a small chance to catch a few criminals.

Spy on everyone - we're Bound to Catch somebody

It is unfortunately a tactic used by many on the internet - hackers, spammers and identity thieves use it to catch the odd person that they can fleece out of their hard earned cash. Governments and agencies use it to justify spying on their entire population to catch the occasional pedophile online. If you don't believe me look for the new European Directive which states that every (that's EVERY) web site you visit should be logged and stored for two years by your ISP presumably to be trawled for law breaking activities!

So what about a Fast Free Proxy

Well I'm afraid there's a problem here - I know of thousands of free proxies most of them are readily available mainly because their administrators have misconfigured their servers and are unaware that many so called ninja surfers are using it. Then there are the hacked servers which are deliberately opened up so that the bad guys can monitor and read all the data being sent via the proxy (lots of passwords and security details). Besides this there are legitimate free proxies but unfortunately none of them can ever be considered fast simply because it costs a great deal of money to supply a fast proxy and who's going to run at a huge financial loss just to preserve your privacy ? I know one very fast free proxy but that is run and financed by some nice men in the old Eastern block who presumably make enough money out of fleecing the accounts of their users to pay for the huge bandwidth bills.

Nope we're all grown up, if you get something for free it's generally a poor substitute. All the legitimate free proxies are painfully slow, just like the web based - 'type your URl in here' and to be honest many web sites simply don't work with them. You won't use them for long before the experience of using the web at a snails pace drives you away. That's not to say the freedom of speech is not worth this sacrifice - just that there are better alternatives.

Web proxies are servers which act as middlemen amongst internet, clients and users. When users send request to the proxy server, the server forwards it to the web, after which the proxy reverts back to the user.

The fundamental purpose of web proxies is to maintain privacy equivalent to the IP address. However, it also helps access few network areas which are usually blocked such as schools, libraries and workplaces.

Web based proxy servers are highly sought after. They have clear advantage over others and have now become the most commonly used proxies. They provide the best way to distribute network traffic and help users maintain safe and lightening fast browsing.

Other Salient Features

Web proxies are developed to easily avoid censors. Some internet service providers don't allow users to access controversial content or sites. Web based proxy servers eliminate all such problems.

One of the major features of such proxies is that they contain inbuilt additional software which makes them act like firewall. While using such proxy servers, it is always recommended to surf the web. They protect the users ID, IP and the system from hackers.

Hack-free Solutions

For people faced with blocked content while attempting to surf web pages, it is important to search proxies which couldn't be traced by censors. Seek a common proxy and port number. This ensures fast, safe and hassle free web access.

The hard fact about public proxies is that though the numbers aren't laudable, but in contrast to public proxies, various private proxy servers are made available through gateways to manage outside traffic or concentrators.

When you surf through web-based proxy server, don't be afraid of hackers. Your connectivity quality and peace of mind are guaranteed with these servers. Web proxies are a dependable option for better performance and peace of mind.

The web is full of all sorts of anonymous proxy sites, web based, socks proxies, transparent proxies and many, many more. People use them to protect their anonymity and shield their IP address, but the simple truth is that these people would probably be safer not using a proxy at all.

Let me give you a very simple analogy for using a proxy server - it's exactly the same as taking all the letters that you write and instead of posting them giving them to a stranger on the street and asking them to post them for you ! Will he send them? Will he read them first then send them? Well using a proxy is exactly the same you are sending ALL your Web traffic to one server (the proxy) and asking that server to forward all your requests and replies.

The next important point to make that the vast majority of the data you send and receive from your web browser is in clear text, this is because it uses HTTP to send and receive data and HTTP operates in ascii text. That is to say it is all completely readable to anyone who happens to intercept the data stream like the admin of the proxy server maybe.

These anonymous proxies that you find for free on the internet are generally left open either by accident or by hackers compromising the servers and using them as free proxies. Either way would you want all your personal data going through this one server, it's a huge security risk especially as you probably know nothing about the origin of the proxy server.

Now don't get me wrong an anonymous proxy is a part of the puzzle of safe browsing but it is only part and if you use a hacked server your taking a huge risk. The anonymous proxy will stop your IP address being logged in the web server you visit though so it does have a use.

If you have access to a fast anonymous proxy which you know well and know who controls it, then great go and use it. You'll rarely find these for free on the internet though as they will invariably get abused and run very slowly when thousands steal the bandwidth.

Otherwise I suggest not using a proxy at all or paying for the use of a fast secure private proxy or perhaps a solution that is much, much, more than these simple anonymous proxy sites.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against using a server to keep people anonymous when surfing but I think it is essential that it is a fast anonymous proxy server. Let me assure you that there is nothing so annoying as a using a hacked free anon proxy that you picked up from some list on the internet.

So what's wrong with using a free anonymous proxy?

In theory nothing, however in practice usually one of the following reasons.

  1. The Anonymous Proxy server is often a misconfigured server which has been left open by a careless systems administrator. As such it is likely to be extremely insecure and quite possibly all ready compromised by a few hackers.
  2. Bandwidth is expensive and so anonymous proxies are expensive to run. Who is going to foot the bill for this server and all the bandwidth that your surfing uses?
  3. Any of the free servers that do exist out there will either soon become saturated and painfully slow until they eventually are locked out, the search for free proxies will be an ongoing one.
  4. There are numerous web based proxies that will hide your IP address but they will usually pop up adverts, or banners all over the place. But don't blame them they have to cover their costs.

The simple fact is that a fast anonymous proxy has to be run properly with adequate bandwidth by professionals. Also the security provided by an anonymous proxy is only part of the puzzle, all it does is mask your identity from the target web server. Your web browsing is still logged all over the internet - at your ISP, on the proxy server and there are lots of interception points if you know what you are doing as the majority of HTML traffic is in the clear.

Any worthwhile security solution needs to encrypt your entire connection as well, that way there are no records, no logs anywhere which are readable and connected with your IP address. Such a solution with a selection of fast anonymous proxy servers across the planet with built in encryption is available but alas it is not free. But would you really expect security and speed for free?

Fast Proxies