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Elite Proxies

Elite Proxies

Exclusive proxies are vital for users who wish to hide their true online IPs and stay anonymous. Many online websites resell their IPs using exclusive proxy servers. By paying a nominal price, you receive an IP that uses your own home IP as your login, with which you can get anonymous online while surfing the net. You can even set up your own proxy that's exclusive at a fraction of the cost.

While renting out, users are sometimes told that they are the only ones using the IP, though more people use them. This affects the speed greatly, besides indicating low levels of anonymity.

Role of these Proxies in IP sharing

The true level of anonymity in exclusive proxies is reduced substantially when users share their IPs with others. And this is when they don't know what to do with their IPs.

When users have their own exclusive proxy, they receive an estimate on the number of people using it and the extent of anonymity.

If you place high importance on being anonymous online, try not to cut corners. The best way to remain 100% anonymous and also stick to your budget is by setting up your own proxy server that is exclusive.

With this, you get your money's worth and also a one of the kind proxy solution that delivers best performance at high anonymity.

Benefits of these Proxies

For true online anonymous experience, these types of proxies are the only option. This is because they are not bound by limitations, especially when it comes to the number of people using them, while renting from others.

Nothing can compare the anonymity and excellence of proxy servers that are exclusive. Ping them to check the connection speed between the elite proxies and home computer. This is important as speed plays a vital role in the reliability of a proxy server. Seek test IP from your exclusive proxy service provider or supplier.

Searching for online fast proxy servers could, sometimes, be an absolute nightmare. Very often, users spend more time seeking fast proxy servers than using one. There are various ways by which users can find fast proxy servers with little effort.

The speed of server proxies depends on two things - the number of people using it and its connection to the internet. It is just like how the home computer gets connected to the net. These types of servers usually connect in a similar fashion.

The amount of bandwidth and the speed of connection are all limited. Huge bandwidth and faster connection would cost a lot of money. They are very much like the home internet connection price.

Factors of Consideration

The more you get to pay, the faster would be the connection. Nevertheless, for average web browsing, speed isn't a problem.

The major factor affecting proxy server speed is the number of people using it at any particular time. Though users won't remain aware of it, there are high chances of having multiple users accessing the same proxy at any given point of time.

As the amount of users is directly proportional to the net speed, it also becomes the main issue for slow functioning proxy servers.


Exclusive proxies are the fastest type of proxies. They are fully anonymous and used only by a single person. Besides, they offer high reliability and performance and are moderately priced. They are readily available and even come at discount rates.

Another major factor determining the speed of these servers are the amount of time users log on to them. The best solution in such cases is to install a user-specific proxy.

When users set up their own exclusive proxy, it offers them direct access to highly reliable and fast proxy server without worrying about the number of users using it.

Elite Proxies