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Best Proxies

Best Proxies

To someone who just uses the Internet for communication and research, the concept and the purpose of using proxy sites when browsing the Internet may have not been heard of. Also, when a basic Internet user encounters a website or page that he or she has been blocked from accessing, he or she just shrugs it off and closes that page.

However, to someone who knows the function of proxies, he or she will look for a good proxy site and will access the blocked website using the proxy. Now that you know how a proxy can help you in accessing the Internet, here are some of the ways by which you can find the best proxies.

* Ask your friends and co-workers

If you noticed that your colleague can access a website that you couldn't view using your own computer, ask him or her if she is using a proxy. If he or she does, ask him or her what proxy it is. If that proxy works for them, it will most likely work for you, too.

* Browse blogs and websites that list and evaluate proxy sites

The problem with using proxies is that many of them tend to become unavailable after some time. For this reason, you have to know other proxies that you can use in case your top choice no longer works. Because of the increasing popularity of the use of proxies, many website and blog owners now dedicate themselves to giving the latest updates on proxies. You can also get advice from them on which proxies are the best. Sign up to their mailing lists so that you can get updates through your email.

* Search for the best proxies by using your favorite search engine

Your favorite search engine is still a reliable source of information when it comes to looking for the best proxies that you can use. Typing "proxy list" "new proxies" "reliable proxies" at the search bar of the search engine will give you a list of websites that can give you more information on proxies. Some proxy sites are also included in the search engine results.

Using proxies has a lot of advantages for people who would like to access websites that were blocked by the server administrator. However, even if you can now access blocked websites using proxies, you have to exercise caution and proper ethics if you are using company resources. If you are caught violating the terms of your employment, be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Have you ever found yourself faced not with having difficulty finding proxies, but with actually finding a way to check your proxies to verify that they work? Without a reliable proxy checker, finding a working and fast proxy can be an extremely difficult task. There are two ways you can verify proxies in an attempt to find the best working ones.

The first way you can check and verify proxies is via many online proxy websites. Many proxy websites offer a free service in which you simply copy and paste your proxies you want to check and with the simple click of a button they are verified. Finding a website that offers this service for free should be as simple as searching in Google. While a free service, these sites are usually limited in the number or quantity of proxy servers that they can check at any one time. Furthermore, the results or verification information that they report back on your proxies may not always be accurate. Working proxies may be reported as broken and broken proxies reported as working. If you are looking for a more rock solid and reliable way to verify proxies, you will make use of some software on your home PC to carry out the proxy checking.

The best and most popular software that is available today to check for working proxies is through the use of software specifically written to check proxy server lists. This type of software is widely available and in most cases completely free. You can check and verify any kind of proxy, HTTP, HTTPS and any kind of Socks proxy. The software more often than not is multi threaded so that it allows you to check multiple proxies at once, allowing you to check hundreds or thousands of proxies in a short period of time. Once verified, working proxies can be sorted to show how anonymous they are, what country they are located in, what speed or latency they offer and much more. It is the best solution to verifying any proxies you may have.

If you have just a few proxies to verify, using one of the many proxy sites to verify your list might be the simple and easiest solution for you. If, however, you are looking for a more robust proxy checker solution, then you will need to invest some time into setting up software on your home PC in order to get the most accurate and fastest solution to verify your proxies.

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Changing your IP address is important these days to protect yourself from identity theft and scammers online. But what is the best option online for protection against identity theft and hackers?

In this article I will be comparing free proxy sites with paid IP address software based on my own personal experience.

Free Proxy

Free proxies are a very fast way for you to surf anonymously without restrictions. But one thing is worthy of note, never try using them for anything that requires you to give up your personal data.

Not too long ago I lost some money to hackers because I used a free proxy site to access my online digital currency account- Liberty reserve account to be specific.

After that experience I conducted a research to find out other people experiences with some proxy changing sites and I discovered I was not alone, so many people were falling victims to the same ploy used by hackers to lure unsuspecting victims to their traps.

Paid IP Address Systems

Ever since my bad experience with free proxies, I have started using paid software to "hide my IP address" and I've never had any problem whatsoever.

What I discovered is that the sites that offer paid software to hide your IP address are professional and go out of their way to make good impressions. They value repeat business and referrals so they don't do shady stuff like free proxies do.

Now I am not saying all proxies are bad but some of them are run by hackers and scammers out to rob unsuspecting victims of their identity and ultimately their hard earned cash.

So don't make the same mistake I did, go for a reliable paid software that will give you peace of mind!

Best Proxies