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Anonymous Proxies

Anonymous Proxies

There's no accurate definition of what comprises secure anonymous proxies or actually a place where you can find them for free. But there are some universal things to look out for if you're looking for such proxy servers.

A critical point to be kept in mind is that simply by adding a tag to the description of any proxy server actually has no effect on how secure that particular server actually is.

There's a common substitute server that runs anonymously. This is a lot better since the account has no particular privileges which might turn out to be risky for the server. But it is also not an appropriate configuration for any high unspecified proxy. The cause for this is that the proxy account would still have a few read and write privileges over directories and public areas. It would also have few rights over all the logs which have been created in the anonymous context meaning that all possible users of the proxy have a kind of access to all proxy files and logs created by an anonymous user.

The safest alternative is what is expected to be found on any highly anonymous proxy which means that each user has a definite user ID for using the server. This user account must have no other admission rights at all. This protects the anonymity, security of every user and secures their logs and files from some other surfers using the service.

Configuring anonymous proxies is extremely vital. An insecure and badly configured proxy server puts the users along with their information at risk. Keep in mind that when a proxy server is being used, you're creating a particular log of your browsing along with your ISP logs - if this is not secured you would be putting the security of the user at a great risk. This must be looked into in case of anonymous proxy servers.

Lots of people are using the Internet mainly for communication, interaction, and to reach services and information offered by a vast range of providers. But we can never remove the fact that in some establishments such as schools and offices, Internet connection is restricted and you are not allowed to access prohibited websites, which are not useful for schools and businesses.

That is why the development of anonymous proxy or web proxy servers are implemented to serve these needs. Also, you can search the Internet without revealing your IP address.

Anonymous proxy works by serving web pages requested by web surfers. The client computer is not directly connected to the webserver serving the web pages. The proxy is the one responsible for retrieving and sending information from remote servers to client computers. It is like the proxy is the middleman between a remote server and the client.

One main purpose of anonymous proxy is to protect the privacy of an individual by hiding his computers information such as IP address, MAC Address, etc.

Other proxies are used to bypass firewall restrictions, which are commonly implemented in schools, government offices and businesses requiring strict policies to better utilized their Internet connection for official use. If a company does not have an effective monitoring tool and firewall policies, office productivity will be lessen because office workers will only use proxy servers to access their favorite websites.

These situations also happen to various schools, which does not have a strict implemented policy.

That is why it is very important that IT security administrators make necessary adjustments to their security policy to track down these proxy websites and block them in their system.

But there is also the disadvantage of using anonymous proxy. So users should be aware of the circumstances. Because anonymous proxies are open to public, you may never know if your personal information such as username and password is secured.

Clients using anonymous proxy servers send their data unencrypted. Normal users who do not have technical knowledge on how information travels are currently the common victims of information theft. There are lots of anonymous proxies servers who are malicious enough to record and capture your username, password, and other personal information, which might be useful to them.

So it is better to analyze first each proxy server you are using before browsing any website and supplying your password using their service. You may never know that you are accessing financial website which is not the genuine one.

It is important to read their privacy policy very well. Although using privacy policy as your basis for a good proxy is not enough to trust them. Personally for me, I encourage you not to use anonymous proxies to prevent being a victim of information theft.

Nowadays, Internet has become a very important part of our daily lives. It is being used in many operations like providing information, services, communication, and even entertainment. Most will agree that Internet can be considered a necessity. However, we cannot be sure how secure surfing the Internet is, especially when we are asked of our personal information. So how does one ensure safety while surfing the Internet? The answer is the use of an anonymous proxy.

To safeguard web users, the implementation of anonymous proxy is developed. With the use of an anonymous proxy, you can surf the net without revealing your computer's IP address. As an Internet user you must be aware that a Web server records and logs the IP address of each website you visit, which can later be used by hackers. Anonymous proxies can prevent other unauthorized persons to access your server, thus protecting important information saved in your computer.

Anonymous proxies are not only applied for security reasons, they are also used to enter sites that are restricted in your area. It is common for some websites to block certain IP addresses because of restrictions, while other establishments like schools and work-related places prohibits the access of some sites that of no concern to them. An anonymous proxy makes the remote server, which is the computer, to be indirectly connected to the website. It acts as the middleman between your computer and web server, allowing entrance in any blocked website.

On the other hand, parents can also gain control of their children's browsing capacity with the help of an anonymous proxy. By using a proxy, a parent can filter and prevent their children from entering malicious websites.

When you access a website with an anonymous proxy, the IP address being logged on the site is the proxy, and not your own. It is easy to set it up, if you have the right information on hand. Anyone can manually change it through their Internet Options menu, which differs depending on their browser, but still you can change it under LAN Settings. Although it is quite easy to set up, the problem is what and where to get the proxy to use. One can of course choose to use free proxies, which are all over the Internet, but remember that these anonymous proxies might be unsecured and wrongly configured. If you are a newbie, and have no enough knowledge on the correct application of anonymous proxies, it would be unwise to do it yourself. You might want to search for a provider that can offer you more security. Without the proper technical knowledge, the use of anonymous proxy might give problems rather than give protection.

There are so many free offerings of anonymous proxy servers in the Internet that might get your attention. Remember that there also risks in using one, but the most common victims are those without prior technical knowledge. The best you can do is to be attentive, compare, and of course read privacy policy of the anonymous proxy you want to use.

Anonymous proxies are a form of proxy servers, which work through web form, known often as CGI proxy. Rather than configuring the server address in the browser, users simply have to navigate to the home page of the CGI/ Web proxy, where the proxy functionality is then enabled for each browsing session.

Anonymous proxies are designed to protect the anonymity and privacy of web browsers from site operators, hostile governments and internet snoops. The software for anonymous proxies is situated on the proxy server.

In anonymous proxies, the web browser is connected to server, which then connects to the online server. The web server is unaware of your identity. It is only aware of the identity of the server. As the proxy server can't ascertain your presence - you need to select a trustworthy proxy server.

Features to Watch Out For

Good web proxies permit the user to set up an SSL or TLS tunnel. This prevents packet sniffers from eavesdropping while surfing anonymously.

Some anonymous proxies support HTTP while others support FTP. On the other hand, higher grade anonymous proxies support HTTPS. Select anonymous proxy servers which support the protocol you intend to use.

An anonymous server, in addition to hiding the IP address, also removes traffic such as scripts, banners, pop-ups, cookies and referrer information. These options must be configurable by end users to enable proxy servers to function with sites that need cookies or pop-ups.


These types of servers function by transferring interpretation behind the mechanism even as users surf the web. Web surfing is finished unequivocally with a proxy. This usually equates to the IP made use of whilst online. It's a proxy IP and not the home computer's IP. The former is more improved, as it indicates top turn of anonymity.

Anonymous Proxies